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Airscreen Separator

The Airmec Airscreen Separator range of system products includes the new ‘third generation’ Air Impingement Waste Separator, specifically designed for strength and durability.  Engineered to process a wide range of dry production waste from tissue trim through to corrugated board and even tin cans.

Process trim and transfer air enter via single or multiple inlets.  Each inlet has a manually adjustable aerofoil which accelerates the transfer air and waste down the full length of the impingement screen, ensuring the screen remains clean and separates at  full capacity.  Waste is directed to the rear face of the separator unit where it rapidly decelerates and falls through it's own weight into the compacting unit.

Heavy-duty perforated separation screens ensure the dusty air is removed for either filtration and bagged collection or, exhausted to atmosphere if the dust loading is sufficiently light.

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