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"Back to Back" Waste Separation

This large Midlands based Corrugating Plant had diversified over the years to now incorporated in-house boxmaking as an addition to its sheet board supply services.  The existing waste handling system had long  been out grown and had been supplemented by an additional smaller satellite baler system, in an old storage building.  Although this served good purpose for many years, the original system was proving costly to maintain and their individual locations were proving to be a logistical nightmare.

In the advent of plans to install a new state of the art boxmaker it was clear that a new approach to waste handling was needed.

Airmec was tasked to design, manufacture and Project Manage the installation of a unique "Back-to Back" Separator and Dust Filtration Plant to accommodate double the volume of waste previously generated. The system currently serves a total of 9 machines including 2 Corrugators, 2 Shredders, 4 Boxmakers and additional Web Dust Extraction.

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