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Dust Briquetting

The Airmec range of Briquetting Presses facilitates paper dust volume reduction by up to 90%. No longer do you have the annoyance or health and safety issue of handling heavy plastic sacks of loose dust generated within the production process. The filtered out dust can now be automatically converted into easy manageable, high density briquettes. With the dust in this form, the briquettes can be disposed of far easier. Waste Merchants will now accept their inclusion as additional weight to your compacted paper trim.

Both design and function of Airmec Briquetting Presses are ingeniously simple: The dust to be compressed is mixed by a permanently rotating agitator and then fed into the pressing chamber by the dosing unit. The loose material is then held in the chamber and pre-compressed. This is followed by a second compression stage where a horizontal pressing cylinder compresses the pre-formed briquette into its final, highly compact shape.

Coupled directly or indirectly via a Cyclone to a Reverse-Jet Filter unit, the briquetter can operate automatically 24 hours a day processing the filtered dust into briquettes and feeding them directly into your compactor via a transfer tube for disposal.

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