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Waste Handling Plant

All drawings are produced on our CAD systems using the latest release software and we can therefore easily integrate our schemes with architects and builders drawings whichever system they operate or quickly provide alternative layouts should this become necessary.


OEM Supply

Certain key elements within an Airmec supplied system are sourced from OEM suppliers and our gearboxes are one such item.  Our design team liaise closely with these suppliers to ensure the units not only match the high standard and longevity required from an Airmec system but, they also seamlessly integrate. 

Bobst SP142 ER_5.jpg

System Drawings

They say "a picture can tell a thousand words" - with some proposals it is difficult for the client to visualise the scope of supply and how it will best serve purpose.  Airmec provide detailed 3D and 2D layout drawings with each bespoke project, clearly illustrating how and where the proposed system elements will be installed. 

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