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Waste Segregation

This Market leading catalogue print finisher, based in the North East, was building a new Bindery and required reliable and efficient waste handling of its production waste.  In order to maximise return from their waste merchant, the glued paper element of their waste stream had to be separated from the clean white.  Due to their 24-hour 3 shift work load, they also required a complete backup system, should their waste merchant be unable to collect a full compactor bin.

Airmec's solution was to design a bespoke Waste Segregation System which allowed diversion at source of the wastepaper, to either glued or pure white waste compactors.  Each system had twin compactors, to allow diversion of the waste flow to the empty unit when one of the pair was full.

The System also allowed for total waste inline diversion backup to either set of twin compactors, in the unlikely event of a fault, or shut down for servicing etc.

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