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Dust Filtration

Airmec CA Reverse Jet Filters have been developed specifically for the print, paper and board converting industries to provide high quality air cleaning in true non-stop 24 hour operation, handling large volumes of contaminated air.

Solid State control ensures filter bags are cleaned only when needed, rather than on a time cycle, saving expensive compressed air. The filter will operate at an efficiency in excess of 99.93%, cleaning the air to a very high quality, many times cleaner than that required by the latest Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (C.O.S.H.H.) Regulations.

In addition, the filtering and returning of the conveying air to the main production area avoids the building operating under negative pressure, overcoming cold draughts & ingress of dirt from outside.

During the Winter months, the internal warm air is returned to the production area, realising a tangible saving on heating costs and automatically reducing that all important 'carbon footprint'.

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