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Fines Removal

This project is a very good example of the diversity in problem solving and solution design, by Airmec's experienced Project Engineers.  The task was to separate out the light paper & plastic fines from demolition waste at an on-site trommel and picking station installation, in Bradford.

Airmec designed and installed an Airknife system to remove low value fractions from the material stream.  The Airknife directs a high velocity, laminar flow, adjustable air volume through the falling rubble waste stream, at the transfer point of two conveyors. The lighter material fractions are blown or separated from the falling material and are captured by the extraction hood and conveyed away. The heavier material is unaffected by the incoming airstream and falls onto the conveyor below.

The recyclable fines are then separated from the airstream for bulk collection, exterior to the building. 

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