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Attention…Maintenance Department!

Ask yourself these questions: -

“Have I previously been limited to one source for waste extraction system spares?”

“Does my current system supplier try to fob me off with the old adage – “genuine parts” or even “only legitimate source of purpose-designed spares.”

“Have they become complacent and apply charges well in excess of the market price, because they believe I will not try to source elsewhere?”


If your answer is “yes” to any of the above and you have no benchmark by which to compare prices, then why not make a quick call or send an email detailing your requirements to:

Airmec Design Limited

If anything, our response will at least give you the ammunition to help drive down your current suppliers prices and ensure you pay current market value (if you should choose to stay with them?).


Make that call !.....Compare our prices and help to reduce your company’s running costs

Whatever System wear parts you need, from Belts to Bearings, Filter Media to Fan Cutter Blades, Airmec provides the highest quality items from the biggest names in the industry.  We also provide a bespoke part design and manufacturing process which ensures you can continue to maintain and run your system, whoever the original supplier may be.


Airmec also provide a "System Health Check Facility" - If you are experiencing reduced performance from your Waste Extraction System, our experienced engineers can visit to inspect the overall system design and all key elements within your system and provide an engineer's report on any items which they deem in need of imminent repair or replacement.

Fan Bearing Refurbishment
Filter Cage Renewal
Reverse-Jet Filter Sock Change



Control Panels.

Diaphragm Repair Kit.

Air Solenoid Valves.

Solenoid Coils.

Filter Socks.

Explosion Door Seals.

Ratchet Strap.

Hopper Valve Seals.

Filter Media.

Plastic Sacks.

Cutter/Conveyor Fan within Acoustic Enclosure



Complete impeller assembly.

Cutting blade sets.

All drive belts.

Bearing blocks with shaft and


Shaft and bearings only.

Automatic greasing units.

Rotary Valve Spares



Gear box & motors.

Rotor assemblies.


Valve seals.

Limit switches for torque limiter.

Striker plates.

Rubber stops set.


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