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Cutter/ Conveyor Fan

Airmec Cutter/Conveyor Fans provide the motive power to extract waste from source.  Reliably chopping the waste prior to conveying to the compaction equipment.


Airscreen Separator

Airmec Airscreen Separators diffuse the waste from the air stream,  allowing the conveying air to be vented either to atmosphere or into a filter unit for dust separation.


Rotary Valve


Airmec Rotary Valves provide a rotational seal between the conveying air and waste compaction equipment.  Ensuring the waste falls into the baler without air pressure from the system.


Conveying Ductwork

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Ductwork is provided to transfer the waste from source, via bespoke machine pickup connections.  Ducting is flanged on site to ensure leak proof snag free joints.


Dust Filtration

Airmec Reverse-Jet Filters process the dust conveying air from the system.  The air is cleaned to a high quality prior to venting and the dust is collected in lined bins or can be briquetted.


Dust Briquetting

Airmec's range of briquetting presses can be connected in a closed loop to the Filter outlets.  Ensuring cleanliness in  the waste collection area  and dust volume reduction of up to 90%.

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