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Baler Relocation

This leading Corrugated Box maker in Northern Ireland was looking to streamline their production methods and increase capacity.  Their current waste handling system was located centrally within the main factory, causing airborne dust and housekeeping issues, as well as taking up valuable floor space.  Airmec were called in to complete the difficult task of relocating their baler and dust handling plant within and adjacent to, an existing sheet storage building within the factory grounds.

As always, time was of the essence and disruption to the existing day to day running of the plant was to be kept to an absolute minimum.  Airmec achieved this by pre-installing the new waste transfer ductwork to the re-sited baling house, prior to the main baler move.

This enabled us to go on to complete the final hook-up over the planned weekend shutdown with no interruption to their production schedule.

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